About us

We’ve been working with seeds to help
bring land to life for over 50 years

From humble beginnings in the remote Kimberley region of Western Australia in 1970, our seed handling equipment is now in use in 100 countries. Our mission is to help bring land to life by making harvesting, preparing and planting seeds precise and easy for field researchers, revegetators and seed breeders.

We started life as Kimberley Seeds when our founder, Stephen Hill, arrived on a tractor at Derby, Western Australia after driving 3315km from Esperance.

Stephen recognised that land users are only able to invest in landcare providing there is a commercial return for their investment. The new business designed innovative seeding, harvesting and cleaning equipment and provided new techniques for plant establishment under difficult soil and climatic conditions.

In 1974 signs were emerging of an export market for seed and soil conservation technology. Stephen visited Kuwait, Iraq, UAE and Iran with an Australian Agriculture Department trade mission in 1975 and saw huge potential for a full-time export operation for rangeland regeneration projects. It was clear that clients needed specialised tillage equipment suited to a rangeland environment so the company began design and production in earnest.

Kimseed continued to grow into other areas, with the first mine rehabilitation contract in 1976 for mining company Hamersley Iron in north-west Western Australia. At this point it moved its operations to Perth, Western Australia.

Since that time Kimseed has continued to develop its machinery and services so that seed handling can be as easy and precise as possible for field researchers, revegetators and seed breeders.