The Multi-Thresher was designed to thresh a wide range of seed pods including cereal grains, grasses and most indigenous seeds.


The heads are fed via a dust controlled chute into the threshing chamber where beater blades are rotated by a variable speed drive. The beater blades position can be adjusted to alter the gap between the beater blade and the threshing chamber wall to cater for different seeds and blades of different hardness can be used.


Kimseed Multi seed thresher CW08

Seed Cleaner Mk3


This proven machine is used in research and seed production throughout the world for most seeds including pasture, grain, tree and flower.


Constant vibration from a pulse motor enables a smooth fast flow of seed across the screen. There is infinite adjustment of both airflow and vibration ensuring precise separation of all seeds. Using magnetic frames for the screens allows for easy change of different size screens. ZigZag aspirators with an optional VibraFlow precision feed input mechanism are also available for large seed cleaning volumes.


Seed Cleaner introduction video
Magnetic screen frames introduction video

Vacuum Separator

Canola Model

Specifically designed for assessing canola quality at receival points.

Multiseed Model


The Basic Model is ideal for small research quantities. The Large Volume Model is the machine of choice for most Government Agricultural Departments, Seed Producers and Research Institutions.


It works on most seeds from grains and pastures to flowers and trees and shrubs. It can be free standing or wall mounted and has great adjustment of vacuum strength to achieve fine separation (cleaning ) by weight. If required further separation by size can be done using Kimseed sieves. The Large Volume Model has a venturi funnel and flow through assembly that enables the unit to process larger volumes of seed whilst maintaining the same high quality of seed cleaning.

ZigZag Aspirator

The high volume Kimseed ZigZag Aspirator is designed to remove material from seeds and to do so quickly and efficiently. The Aspirator will separate seeds and impurities into 4 different groups. Because of it’s precise flow adjustments separation can be extremely accurate.

It comes in 2 models. A basic model with a manual feed chute and a research model with a 6 litre hopper and vibrating chute.



Improves the germination of a wide range of hard coated seeds by scratching the seed coat to allow moisture in.


The variable speed drive makes the machine easy to operate and more precise in the scarification process. The spinning discs can be fitted with different grits depending on the seeds being scarified. We also have a dehuller/scarifier for certain applications.

Dehuller Scarifier

The Kimseed De-Huller/Scarifier was developed to meet needs in the experimental area of agronomy. The machine effectively and efficiently de-hulls and/or scarifies a wide range of seed types and is especially suited for hard-coated seed types such as Serradella.



Seed separation.


Our aluminium sieves with stainless steel mesh are robust and easy to use. For heavier duty work such as sieving soils we supply them reinforced. In addition we supply an acrylic modular hand screen set with perforated metal screens which can be readily changed . These screens are the same ones used in the Kimseed Cleaner Mk3 and as such enable very precise separation of all seeds.

Modular Hand Sieves

Following the principle of our Seed Cleaner Modular Screens, we now offer a Modular Screen System. Using a rectangular frame, screens slide into position allowing a range of screen sizes that can be used with every frame, thus reducing cost and increasing versatility of the frame.

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