Multi Seeder

The Kimseed Multi Seeder is Ideal for establishing rangeland pastures simply and cheaply. This seeder maintains constant agitation of seeds of all densities, as well as fertilizers, mulch and manure, to ensure accurate and even distribution. It will also sow crop seeds. It is especially designed for fluffy and winged and oddly shaped seeds which will not flow through normal seeders, for example buffel and saltbush seed.

Chisel Seeder

The Kimseed Chisel Seeder is a robust 3 PL Category 2 rangeland seeder specially designed to limit wind and water erosion. Used for dust control, mine rehabilitation and pasture improvement.

Land Imprint Pitter

Kimseed Land Imprint pitter improves the establishment of plants on bare loose soil by creating pits to hold rainfall and seeds. Particularly suited for mine rehabilitation.

Camel Pitter-Disc Revegetation Seeder

The Kimseed Camel Pitter (Disc Revegetation Seeder) is the most versatile unit ever designed for desert Revegetation.

Seed Distributors

Seed Distributor for Kimseed Cone Seeder. This unit can be fitted to the funnel at cone outlet. Our range of distributors features units with 2 to 11 outlet points.

Cone Seeding Units – 120, 300 and 450 mm Cones

Linkage Tree Planters


This is ideal for a range of plants from bare rooted seedlings to large pots.


It is designed for 3PL, Cat 1 or 2 and has a carrying capacity of up to 500 seedlings. The soil opener is adjustable for pot sizes from 40mm to 150mm diameter and performs well in heavy soil types. Our Direct seed attachment can be used in conjunction with it. We also supply Pottiputki tree seedling planters in three sizes for ergonomic manual tree planting.

Cone Seeder


Accurate metering of trial plot seeding as required by researchers.


All Kimseed Cone Seeders are custom built to each customers specific requirements. Typical features include an 8 row disc seeder design equipped with a 20 ratio gear box system offering multiple plotting adjustments; Even distribution of seeds with the electrically driven distributor.

Kimseed Linkage Rangeland Contour Seeder


Rangeland revegetation projects. Used for dust control, mine rehabilitation and pasture improvement. Mixed seeds and fertilizer can be easily sown.


The Kimseed Linkage Rangeland Contour Seeder is a proven heavy-duty linkage seeder is used in rangeland revegetation projects worldwide. Mounding on the contour allows water harvesting in low rainfall areas and reduces erosion potential.

Mine Seeder


Mine site rehabilitation.


This is a rugged, simple and effective seeder designed to be mounted on a variety of mining equipment like dozers and graders. The seed drum has internal divisions allowing for different seeds as well as fertilizer to be distributed simultaneously. For large scale operations, our Mine Site Air Seeder has huge seed and fertilizer bins. You can also use our Land Imprint Pitter to improve the establishment of plants on bare loose soil by creating pits to hold rainfall and seeds.