Our Thresher was designed for research institutes and seed processors to thresh a wide range of seed pods including cereal grains, grasses and most Australian indigenous seeds. Its robust efficiency and precision translates into a 100% improvement in seed cleaning times compared with similar machines on the market.

Cleaning Control

  • The heads or seed pods are fed via a dust controlled chute into the threshing chamber
  • As it turns the threshed material is forced through a metering screen plate. Variable screen placement with 10 screen sizes allows for a huge variety of seed types
  • Seed is separated from the dust and chaff particles using the Cyclone dust extraction system
  • Drop Down Screen allows seed pods to be efficiently opened to release seed without creating large amounts of small seed trash
  • 3 Variable Air Valves allow for full cleaning control
  • The Dust Control System allows for comfortable indoor usage
  • Quick cleaning with our fast action toggle lock door on the threshing chamber.

Speed control and visibility

  • Within the threshing chamber the beater blades are rotated by a variable speed drive. No belts to change.
  • 3 inspection windows allow for easy inspection of the flow of seed material as it is being processed.

Beater blade flexibility

  • The rubber beater blades position can be adjusted to alter the gap between the beater blade and the high density polyurethane ribbed concaves of the threshing chamber wall to cater for different seeds.
  • Blades of different hardness can be used.


  • Safety cut off switch when opening chamber door Feeding flap closes automatically when seed pods are not being pushed in


  • 240 volt AC 50 hz single phase 10 Amp